How is it already the end of October? This month has been a whirlwind of emotions! We managed to stay busy the entire month. With the State Fair, road trips, outings, and just day to day living, I cannot believe the holidays are approaching. And in a few months, I will have a two year old! I struggled with a few things internally this month, being a relatively young first time mom is never easy. The battles seem endless at times and the feeling of defeat definitely will occur. I would be lying if I said that I’m always happy, or that I’m always in a good place. What I can say, is that I am always in the pursuit of happiness. Through thick and through thin I have this amazing bunch I call my family, and I would not trade them for the world. Times like these are never easy or comfortable to talk about, but Jacob and I somehow manage to come out on top. This month started a little rocky for me. But with it being the last week, I can confidently say that I feel better and more at peace than I have for a while. Here are some loving memories created this month.

We go to the park quite often during the week. It’s always nice welcoming in October with cooler weather and some fall treats. With us living in Texas, it seemed as if cooler temperatures would never come. But shortly after the 1st of the month, we enjoyed some quality time outside.

We started out the month by going to see my mother in law sing at the State Fair with her church choir. J loved the audience, music, rides, and especially the food. He ate a whole corn dog by himself! Silly me, I thought we were going to share it. Also, we spent a good 30 minutes just looking at Big Tex. For some reason, J took a big interest in him. Every time we tried to walk away, he wanted to take one more look. We rode the Ferris Wheel too, and being honest, I was more terrified than my tireless toddler. While I was trying to look down for ease, I had him rocking back in forth in my arms. Safe to say I got a peek into how J is going to be when he’s older. Overall, we had a great first trip to the fair as a family!

We also went to a few festivals this month! Both were fairly close to where we live so they were easy to attend. J had a great time running around, playing with new faces. It’s always fun seeing him explore and experience things for the first time. One of the festivals occurred during the evening and that one was probably his favorite. From the hayrides and games to the pumpkin picking and cotton candy, he enjoyed every minute. He even got to make himself a “David S. Pumpkins”…any questions!

When I took the mini road trip to Austin, I met up with my forever roomie and spent the afternoon with her. There is never enough time with this sweet soul. We enjoyed shopping at William Sonoma outlets and had a afternoon of laughter and delicious food. So glad we could meet up!

Once I arrived home, we decided on taking a mini road trip to Abilene, Texas for the open warehouse event by Oliver & Otis. I’ve bought t-shirts from them for a few years now and have always wanted to go to one of their events. They had live music, food, coffee, and a sweet set up for cute photos. J enjoyed playing with pumpkins and dancing around to the music along with some other kiddos. He looked so cute with his new outfit! I got the top from Gigi and Max, the pants and shoes are from Made by Molly. Such a cute combo for October.  Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a few new shirts and lunch.

The following weekend, we went to a pumpkin patch that was closer to home. To be completely honest, I forgot how busy pumpkin patches can get! Since there were so many people and a lot of rough kiddos, we managed to stay only for a small while. J still enjoyed running around and picking all the little pumpkins he could pick. Jacob and I, taking turns chasing him around, worked ourselves up an appetite and headed to Saltgrass Steak House.

We are finishing up the last weekend of October by relaxing at home and enjoying some homemade Chili. We are expecting a little cold front, and I am ready for Fall foods! We created many new memories and grew as a family this month. I am incredibly thankful for my family and loved ones. During difficult times it’s easy to feel a sense of depression. Taking it one day at a time, I am learning and growing as an individual to benefit myself and my family. It has been awhile since I’ve been this at peace with myself and where I’m at in life. Knowing that it’s a day to day battle, it helps having this precious little blessing reminding me of how important it is to never give up.

I never thought I would be a huge Halloween person because I’m more of a Christmas person, but having Jermaine changed that. It’s as if every celebration or every holiday must be a little bit extra. I’m so glad he had a month filled with pumpkins, exploring, and new faces. As we are days away from Halloween, I thought I would give you guys a sneak peek on what he will be this year. This year he’s dressing up solo, but we’ve made up our minds that next year we are going in as a family. What are you and your kiddos going to be for Halloween? Shoot me a message, I would love to hear about previous Halloween plans, or this year’s Halloween plans. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!