This week, summer has officially arrived. A couple of my favorite things about summer would be the fresh fruit and fresh herbs, for making delicious recipes. I figured, it was time to set up our herb garden again. J and I took a trip to get some plants, and we came across this beautiful nursery. I just fell in love with it.

I’m not sure if it was the perfect weather, or if it was all the beautiful plants. But, it seemed like the perfect day to go because we had the place all to ourselves. As soon as we got there, J was taken back by all the greenery and fresh flora smells. I sat him down on the first bench ¬†and he took it all in.

Once we walked around for a little bit taking in the foliage and browsing the herbs and soil, I decided to take J out of his stroller, and boy did he enjoy exploring!

I thought his outfit was very fitting for this occasion because he was definitely being a wild child, exploring and seeing many new things. Having moments like this with J really does make me happy. Being able to teach and show things to my son, while learning with him, is truly a blessing. Something I noticed after having J was that I could never learn enough. Whether it be mommy tricks, agriculture, everyday life, or even a mathematical equation, I will always want to keep learning for him and also with him. Together, we learn many things. But as a mother, I believe my job is to embrace life, inform him of our surroundings, and to prepare him for challenging times. Seeing J learn new things is remarkable. He has many faces when learning something new, here are a few.

After exploring, J went back in the stroller to enjoy water and a nice snack while I chose our herbs. I came across a few that I had on my mind from earlier which were Basil and Lavender, my two favorite herbs. When I picked them out, I noticed Rosemary and Dill. I love cooking my meats and vegetables with Rosemary also using Dill for our vegetables. I selected blue tag herbs and soil. As we were heading out to pay, I just could not get over this adorable set up.

It was safe to say, J was ready to go. Although he wasn’t getting fussy, he was giving me that all too familiar look. He followed up with his classic smile of course!

That being the sign, it was time to go. We loaded up the car to head home and start our little herb garden.

On our way home, J enjoyed a nice nap. When we arrived, it was the perfect time to get these beauties into their new home. I already had a wooden planter box that I purchased last year at Home Depot, so I used that again. While getting it ready and planting the herbs, I forgot to use my gloves. Silly me, I know. But all and all, it was refreshing to have my hands covered in soil and gardening.

After getting our herbs planted and cleaned up, I put up these simple signs that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. After seeing the finished product, I felt like it needed something else, a little more. I came across some adorable cacti and bought 4 different kinds. When arranging them, I definitely needed my gloves for that transfer. These photos were taken two weeks after I transferred them into their new home.

We can thrive and bloom if we are rooted in the love of our Savior. -Quentin L. Cook

I love the outcome of our little nursery/herb garden. This project was much needed this month. The feeling of NEW is extremely refreshing. As our patio looks a little greener, I felt more relaxed. If you have your own herb garden up and running, I would love to see it. I hope you enjoyed our little adventure project!