Our Father’s Day weekend started off with a bang. Saturday, we went to one of our favorite restaurants for breakfast. It’s a little place in the metroplex called Johnathan’s. Although they have an endless amount of delicious breakfast and brunch items, our hearts were set on their amazing chicken and waffles. Papa Bear never has a problem finishing, but J has to help me with mine. This time, Papa Bear got extras from our plate. Between the two of them, they are the happiest after they have eaten.

One of his gifts consisted of comfort for roaming around the Farmer’s Market, and we were spending the day out and about. So, after breakfast, J and I thought it was best to surprise Papa Bear with his gifts. We thought he would appreciate the gesture. We also got him a new coffee cup, because Papa Bear can never have too many coffee cups!

Once sliding into his new Birkenstocks, he was ready to go to the Farmer’s Market, after J’s nap of course. I’m not sure if it is because he’s teething, or if it is because we’ve spent the majority of our time outside this weekend. But, he has been sleeping great during nap time. With J rested and ready to go, we headed out.

With it being in the high 90’s, I made sure to cover J in sunscreen.

Sunscreen protected, J was ready to walk around, try samples, and play in the kids zone. I brought coconut water with us to keep him hydrated. After a few samples and purchases later, Papa Bear and J found their way back to the play area.

Watching them play around, laughing and being in the moment, I could not help being thankful for the life we live. Comparing our lives to where we were a year ago, is truly night and day. This time last year was rough. I’m sure many of you guys have experienced the “first year trials.” Even though we had good times, we definitely went through many trying times while learning. The opportunity to learn and grow from our mistakes, together, completes me. As we continue to mature, our son can see the love between two parents trying and putting family first.

“The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family.” -Reed Markham

After working up a sweat playing in the kid area, we figured some ice cold popsicles would cool us down. We found some “all natural” ones with many delightful flavors and decided to try Mojito, Tropical Caribbean, and Blueberry. Papa Bear picked the Mojito. J and I took turns with the Tropical Caribbean and Blueberry. Although, J finished the Tropical Caribbean fairly quickly when I gave it to him.

Wrapping up our time at the Farmer’s Market, we enjoyed some live music before leaving. I think it’s safe to say that, after a couple of hours, we had a good time at the Famer’s Market.

Upon rising Sunday morning, I decided to make Papa Bear some French toast, turkey bacon, and fresh fruit. I’m trying to cut back on my carbs, so I stuck with fresh fruit and turkey bacon. With both of them finishing their plates, I knew they were satisfied.

Finishing our morning off with church service, J passed out before visiting his Grandpa and Abuelo. The afternoon was filled with celebrating strong, hard working, loving men, that have dedicated their lives to the success of their families. I’m hoping all the Fathers, Fathers to be, Father figures, and Step Dads had a day filled with love and appreciation. Because of you, our children will have access to an endless potential of strength and wisdom. Thank you, for everything you do!