At the end of October, we were notified that our home’s pad site was being benched or smoothed. After receiving the phone call that the builders broke ground, we couldn’t help but to go see the little progress that was made. Let’s jusy say it was a long time waiting. I would like to think that we were patient with the process but being able to see the progress was definitely rewarding. It quickly became a ritual to visit the house every Saturday after our traditional brunch to see the progress.

The first time we went out there, they had completed the outline of the house. J was so fascinated with all the construction. Still to this day, he gets excited when we turn into the community. He found himself quite comfortable on the dirt pile.


Walking inside the outline of the house for the first time, it definitely started sinking in that this was going to be our home. Seeing Jermaine running around everywhere made it even more clear to us why we made this decision. In this photo Jermaine is standing in front of the door leading to the backyard.

Taking it all in with my family is such a beautiful thing. Explaining to Jermaine what things are while answering his questions are always an awesome adventure. For this picture, we are standing in the kitchen, and I was showing Jermaine all the construction vehicles.

In this photo, Jermaine is literally standing in his future playroom. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Pipes are coming in! By the next week, they had begun preparing to put the pipes in the ground.

At this point, I started taking pictures of the different phases at the front door.

Jermaine’s dirt pile was a little smaller than last time, so he just stood in front of it. That smile just makes my day!


It was the first week of December and the pipes were in. Jermaine was clearly excited. He kept pointing to the pipes and saying “wow”.


Like I said before, I am extremely excited about our kitchen. I could not help getting excited when I saw the kitchen pipe. Quickly, I imagined our future kitchen and fluttered with joy.

Little did we know, we had another nice surprise. Our brick was delivered!! Seeing it in person, in bulk, made us fall in love with it all over again.

The following week, we had concrete. Driving to the house this week, we were unsure if it would be dry. Hesitant at first, Jacob gave us the green light to walk on it and boy was Jermaine excited! That boy ran circles around us. I couldn’t help laughing when Jacob got so confused on why he was this happy.

With just a months time between this phase and the last phase, I was reminded of how much had already changed.

Looking back on this process is always an amazing transitional view. A little personal note: during this period, Jacob and I were stressed to the max. It definitely effected our relationship and outlook on so many spectrums. I was not aware that building a home could cause this much tension in a relationship. Honestly, I thought it would bring us together. I feel like everyone and every relationship is different though. At times I wasn’t sure of what our future would hold, or what we were doing. Something that stayed constant though, was our focus on Jermaine. I truly believe that is the same reason why we have gradually been improving our relationship. Seeing us grow during this tough time makes me proud. Overcoming obstacles and remaining side by side has been the biggest challenge. Remembering that a strong foundation is extremely important in a relationship. And having God as the core is everything.

I’m so glad to be sharing the good and the bad with you guys. I never expected to be sharing our journey in this much detail, but I hope it helps someone. This series  will continue next week! I will be sharing the frame, roof, and sheetrock process. If you guys have any questions or would like to share anything, please feel free to comment or shoot me a message.