Fast foward two months and we are in the month of closing on our house. I can’t believe in just a few weeks we will be living in our casa. To think it’s almost been a year since we started our journey looking for a new home is insane. These past two months have flown by! I feel like they have started all the “fun stuff” at the end! Seeing something new each time we go to the house has been so exciting. I felt myself starting to question the decisions I had been making. Forgetting what I had picked out and not realizing that everything would work itself out was hard. Now, seeing it all come together has been so incredible!

They started bricking in early March. Jermaine was excited because he got his pile of dirt and sand back. Seeing the brick finally on the house was an amazing surprise. Right before they started the brick phase, I had been having dreams about driving by and seeing the brick on the house. Sad, I know! I guess thats just how excited I was about it. The first time I saw the brick on the house, instantaneously I fell in love! Seeing my vision coming to life was remarkable!

While they worked on the brick, they also started on the interior finishing. They started laying the floors in the middle of March. We wanted all wooden floors minus the three bedrooms. Originally, I picked out a darker gray for the wooden floors and then started thinking of changing them to a lighter color during December. I wanted everything to flow a little better. We finally decided to go through with it and put in for a change order in early January. With the house coming together, I am so glad we did! The way that everything flows with the change pleases me so much. I feel like it’s a nice transition from room to room having the carpet as a lighter gray.

They finished the brick in just a couple of weeks. Once they finished the brick, they painted the trim and started prepping for the driveway. The driveway was poured and dried by the middle of April. J was SO excited that he could run straight to the door without being careful of nails, or sharp objects.

At the beginning of this journey, I said I was the most excited for the kitchen. I will never forget the day that we walked into the kitchen and the cabinets, counter tops, backsplash, and sink had all been installed. I was smiling ear to ear! J kept running around and around the island. Taking it all in I couldn’t contain my excitement. I put J in the sink. It was just so big, and I wanted to see what he thought about it. I think he was just fascinated by the whole room and the view. By April they had finally pulled off all the protective cardboard that was taped to the ground, so we could finally see our kitchen almost finished! Twirling around and being filled with joy, we were too happy to see our future kitchen. I pictured it then, family dinners, get togethers, holidays, the whole shabang!


We started visiting the house during Jacob’s lunch break, and they started playing indoor soccer. Seeing Jermaine playing in his future bedroom in all that space makes me so excited for all the things that he will do.

Since we were going to the house so frequently, I bought Jermaine the Magnolia planting set from Target in January. He loved it!! That was such a good investment for us! He would always go to the backyard and dig, plant, and play while we walked through the house. Before he went outside to play, he would always go to our bedroom and look out the windows. I started taking photos of him doing that as the house changes.

By the time May rolled around we had electricity, fences, trees, and grass. Jermaine was so confused when going out back where he didn’t see the dirt. He started running around the backyard and playing with the splash block. Seeing all the lights on and bathrooms finished, it is starting to feel like our home. Taking it in and realizing that we will not need to leave one day soon, gives me the chills!

I can’t believe we are so close to being in our first home! I’m so excited to be able to share this amazing and intense process with you guys. I cannot wait to show you the finished product!