We are a week away from July 4th! We are continuing our tradition of taking a trip to visit some close friends and celebrate. I figured it’s a perfect time to make a DIY project! Awhile ago I saw my Pinterest filled with flag mason jars, and I fell in love. Luckily when I went to Hobby Lobby for the materials, the paint and jars were 50% off! You don’t need much for this project.

You will need:

3 Mason Jars

1 Can of White Flat Spray Paint

1 Can of Clear Acrylic Matte Paint

1 2oz Red Acrylic Paint

1 2oz Blue Acrylic Paint

1 Set of brushes

1 Package of Star Stickers

1 Sheet of Sand Paper


It’s up to you if you want to use the painting tape for the stripes. I used it the first time, but it peeled the paint off the jars. I believe this happened because it’s been so humid around here, plus me leaving the jars outside to dry. I ended up doing the stripes on these jars freehand. After I setup my little work station outside, I was ready to get started!

To get started, I spray painted the jars white. I did a few coats to make sure the entire jar was fully covered.

After the jars dry, you are ready to outline the stars and stripes. Like I said before, it is up to you if you would like to use the tape for outlining. I’ve seen many people use the tape and it turn out great. If you are using tape, just place the tape on the jars where you want them to stay white. You only paint the part that isn’t covered. When I freehanded the stripes, it was a little bit easier. I used the line on the paint brush to keep my lines straight, and I used the line measurements on the jar to help me decide where I wanted the stripes. For the last jar, I placed the stars in no particular order. Just whatever looks good to you. After you get the tape and stickers on, you are ready to paint! I left my jars out overnight the first time I did them, and it was extremely humid. That’s when it peeled the paint off my jar. When I did them again, I let them dry inside the house and this is how they turned out.

Here is the outcome of the freehand painted stripes. You can leave them like this or sand them a little bit. I personally like the distressed look. I just took some extra sand paper I had and distressed them a little bit. After I finished I dusted them off and added the clear coat.

I love the outcome of these jars. They are perfect if you need some festive decor, and they are SO easy to create. If you decide to make these or have any other 4th of July projects, feel free to share! Do y’all have any plans this weekend or early next week? I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!