My pregnancy was not the easiest, I also know it was not the hardest. From the beginning, I was informed of what the percentages would be during my high risk pregnancy. What I could and could not do, being on bed rest for most of my pregnancy. In those moments, I learned that I had no control over this pregnancy…and that drove me nuts. I wanted to know how everything was going to happen and be prepared for everything possible. While in denial, I created countless to-do lists, packed hospital bags many times, and sent up a lot of prayers. I remember thinking to myself many times, once our precious baby boy comes into this world I will cherish every moment and make the absolute best decisions I possibly can, for him.

After nine hard stressful but precious months, we had the smoothest delivery. We welcomed our baby boy with open arms. He was as healthy as could be, weighing in at 8 pounds 1 0z and measuring 21 inches long. Blessed with our baby boy and being a first time mom, I approached every decision meticulously. We learned early on that Jermaine had eczema, and sensitive skin. With that being the case, we could not use the “most common products”. Thankfully we found diapers that didn’t make him break out or worsen his rashes. And we found clothes that kept his eczema under control, and kept our minds at ease.

Burt’s Bees Baby products! They played a significant role in this discovery. J wore their onesies, slept in their pj’s with footies, and was wrapped in the coziest blankets. With everything being made of 100% organic cotton, it helped put our minds at peace. Finally, we found a company that cares about what goes on our baby’s back as much as we do. Ever since the first week of his birth J has been rocking Burt’s Bees Baby. It’s been almost two years.  I could not have been happier with the decision we made in having him wear Burt’s Bees Baby. Since then I always give mamas to be, a set of Burt’s Bees Baby clothes or put some of their amazing products in a gift basket. I truly love that Burt’s Bees Baby embraces everything being naturally made. It is such an honor to be collaborating with a company that embraces the natural way but I can honestly say that even if I was not in a collaboration, I would recommend every mama to this amazing company.

Here are some photos of the Burt’s Bees Baby Spring Collection. I love their new and improved pajamas! The quality of the spring collection is more durable with a stronger stitch. The prints are adorable as always, and they have the best selection for girls AND boys. I’m so excited to share these amazing pajamas with you.

Most might believe something so little as clothes would not mean too much, but to us these clothes represent peace of mind and comfort for our little one. Thank you Burt’s Bees Baby for creating such amazing products for our baby boy.