DOS! We officially have a two year old! This past weekend we had a house full of family and friends celebrating our son turning two. I can say that it was a celebration filled with love. Seeing all the kids interact and bond together is always a precious sight. Of course it did get a bit rowdy during the opening of presents, but what kid doesn’t love opening gifts? Let’s just say, Jermaine had a lot of help to see what he was given. I am so excited to share the photos and memories of his second birthday with everyone. Seeing our son glowing with happiness all weekend was the brightest introduction of him being two. A special thank you to my very loving friend Kelsey for taking all these photos. She was able to capture many memories, and I’m so grateful she did.

The birthday boy rocked his adorable romper from Figs & Foxes all day. And he looked absolutely adorable wearing this huge sombrero. He received a lot of compliments on his birthday outfit. I truly love everything from Figs & Foxes. She makes every item by hand, and it shows through in each piece. I picked this one because I thought it was perfect for the theme.

This was the entrance for Jermaine’s “Taco TWOsday” fiesta. The chalkboard I used was purchased from Hobby Lobby a little ways back. I had my friend Kelsey write on it for me while I was cooking. The taco piñata was from Target, and they had a bogo sale when you buy one piñata you get one bag of candy. The balloons were various bright colors to match the fiesta theme.

Last year, I put together a little sign-in table for everyone to write on. This year, I did the same thing, since it was such a hit. I put some faux cacti on the table, a picture of Jermaine, and some of my wooden beads I picked up at Target awhile back. The picture canvas that everyone signed was made by my very creative friend Abby. I found a scripture I liked and asked if she could do a cactus beneath it. She always does such an amazing job. With some empty cans I planted some aloe and had the other as a pen holder. I used my LetterFolk sign to add a little something extra to the table. To the right of everything are sombreros for all the kiddos. I topped off the table with little cactus confetti.

Placing the number two ballon and taping to it the garland I made, were all I did for the gift table. Simple, but I think it turned out cute.

Personally, I loved the taco setup! I received a lot of compliments on the food and the arrangement. I could not have done it without the help of Jermaine’s “lovey”, Kristine. She was extremely helpful with the chopping and the placement of everything. My mom and Abby also helped with all of the final touches. Together, we crushed the taco line. For the drinks, I wanted to create the feeling and true vibe of a fiesta. I put together some of our favorite Mexican beverages. We served every kind of Jarritos and Topo Chico flavor. I loved the finished look and the final colorful outcome. We had two different choices for the meat. I planned on having three, but I didn’t have time to cook the shrimp. So, we had ground turkey and chicken. Some probably did not like the turkey meat, but that is all Jermaine knows. Plus, some could not even tell the difference because of the seasoning. For the sides, we had everything that came to mind: cheese, red onion, tomatoes, lime, lettuce, cilantro, cabbage, jalapeños, sour cream, guacamole, red and green salsa, chips and queso. I laid everything on top of some colorful Mexican blankets.

The dessert table was probably my favorite setup, and I had the help of the tallest people in my life to hang the “Taco TWOsday” balloons. I got them at our local Party City. The two confetti balloons were ordered off of Etsy. I customized the colors to match our theme. On the table were enough sweets to satisfy any and every sweet tooth. I ordered the cake, cupcakes, and sugar cookies from our favorite bakery, Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery. I have worked with them for a few years now and they always nail the project. All I have to do is share my ideas with them, and they crush it every time. This year I wanted a cactus cake, and I loved the final outcome. I had DOS put on the top but the top of the “S” broke off. We just tried to tape it together. The mini cupcakes were a huge hit with all the kiddos. They actually finished the whole thing instead of eating and leaving half of it. The cupcake toppers were a festive little touch that I truly loved. Of course having a fiesta, you need to have “pan”! I had two small plates of “pan” on each side. Next to the sweets I had cactus piñatas, also from Etsy. On each side, I placed sombreros, maracas, and Jermaine’s poncho.

During the fiesta I setup a few things for the kiddos. On one table I placed pages that I printed out for his birthday next to a big bowl of crayons, so the kids could color. Jermaine is obsessed with coloring, so he really enjoyed being able to color with his friends. Together they created some pretty colorful art!

I also had a little game for all the kids. I called it, pin the stash on Jermaine! I thought it was a fun game, seeing all the kids trying to pin on Jermaine’s mustache was very comical to me and the other adults. I printed out a poster sized photo of Jermaine and got some stick on mustaches for the kiddos. I forgot the bandana, so I used my camera strap as a blindfold instead. Everyone had a good laugh during the game.

After we ate, we opened presents and Jermaine loved all the gifts he received. He did this funny thing after he opened each gift. He would walk around and show everyone, as if he was so excited for each gift that he opened. I am truly grateful to have such great loving people in my sons life, blessing him with such awesome treats. Thank you again!

Jermaine loved everyone singing to him. Smiling ear to ear, he could not help but to enjoy the love. Seeing everyone together put a smile on all three of our faces.

It is clear to say that Jermaine was VERY EXCITED about the piñata. Since it was his birthday, he had the first few hits and it was priceless! Seeing him hit that thing as hard as he could was hilarious. All the kids had a turn, but the older kids hit the jackpot with with candy.

Before everyone headed out, I gave them their party favors. I put together burlap bags with garland, and inside I put a mini chalkboard with a few pieces of chalk, bubbles, and a little finger toy. I also made some refrigerator magnets with the picture of Jermaine in his poncho.

Thats a wrap for our “Taco TWOsday” fiesta! It was a joy bringing everyone together for this celebration. I cannot thank everyone enough for taking their time to come together for our son. I am learning that moments like these are very rare in our lives. Having our loved ones from all over Texas under one roof is truly a blessing. I’m incredibly thankful to the people that love and support my little family. I hope you enjoyed seeing us celebrate our big boy turning two. If you do this in the future, or have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message. Until then I will be attempting to tame my two year old toddler. Pray for me! 🙂