Hello! My name is Elizabeth, and I am engaged to my childhood love. We have a handsome baby boy named Jermaine, and the Lone Star State is where we call home sweet home.

I take a strong interest in creating. I love doing DIY’s, baking, cooking, gardening, you name it. There is something about making things that I find extremely refreshing. Going to new places or trying something new, are things that also intrigue me.

I truly enjoy spreading happiness and helping people. I am a woman trying to create a positive and truthful environment, while living life. I believe in female empowerment, and I believe true beauty lies within. One of the reasons I started this blog was to help women see their beauty, in all aspects, while dealing with life. Sometimes things just happen, let’s face it. And, it can be easy to get lost in life and forget our worth, when those things happen to us.

Hopefully this will be a space where you can share and grow with me, as I learn the best version of myself as well. I believe growing together, organically, has the best outcome. Join me while staying true to what is within, as I share my simple life filled of encouragement and learning the unknown.


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